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Our Experience

FTS is comprised of individuals who have over 75 years of combined experience in the security field and have worked in cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Chapel Hill, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. We specialize in providing excellent security service in the areas of Upscale Restaurants, Upscale Hotels, Exclusive Private Events, Commercial Construction Sites, Corporate Security and Executive Protection. During our discussions regarding your requests and necessities for security, we help our clients achieve their security goals with a specific security plan. Our staff takes a proactive approach by creating healthy working relationships with each client, employing our core beliefs of planning and preparedness and developing site-specific procedures for all personnel involved. Our integrated approach and genuine partnership with our clients set us apart from others in our industry and allows us to consistently deliver a superior security experience for each and every client.

Our core belief is that the best security comes from advanced planning and preparedness, this includes working with local law enforcement as well as getting the most accurate, real-time information possible which enables us to make the very best informed decisions for maintaining our client’s safety at all times. Our company and staff have years of experience guarding luxury hotels, construction sites, private events, executives and celebrities all while maintaining a superior track record. Our teams’ qualifications and credentials demonstrate both specialized training in related law enforcement as well as real world military applications so we always maintain a vigilant presence. We seamlessly blend in with any and every event and situation by committing ourselves to the specific style, atmosphere, and scheduling requirements of the person, company or event for which we are privileged to provide security.


"Our experience in monitoring, rapid identification of potential problems along with our assertive control tactics propel us ahead of other security outfits in the business."

Clarence "CC" Carter | Director of Security