Our Mission

Safe, Secure, Support

Our Mission

First Team Security Is a premier security company committed to becoming the industry leader for providing professional security hosts of excellence who are completely focused on providing security and safety in every environment we are trusted to protect. We will always invite everyone to feel comfortable and we are competent in our decisions, committed to our service, professional in our actions and respectful to all.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is driven by three main components, an excellent management style, a solid business philosophy, and an exceptionally trained team. This is achieved by balancing professional acuity with an inviting disposition that encourages all guests to feel at ease.

Our management team is the front line for incident response, investigations and risk mitigation. As such, they are always available to our clients to help ensure a safe and reliable security environment remains consistent for patrons and employees alike. Our managers take great pride and have a sense of ownership regarding their responsibilities and aim to exceed client expectations. Together with the owner, our managers oversee all planning, hiring, training, scheduling, and supervision for our company.
In our execution we have a philosophy: 90% prevention and 10% action. We are there not only to protect the establishment and its patrons, but also to enhance the atmosphere of the environment. By functioning as Security Hosts and not exclusively as security personnel, we are able to create valuable relationships which prove extremely helpful in maintaining a peaceful and fun environment. We believe that the more our Security Hosts make patrons feel comfortable and secure during all interactions the more likely those patrons are to inform us of a developing problem which will enable our team to respond effectively. Force should only be used as a last resort and only in order to gain control of a situation. Once that control has been established it allows us to limit the liability of all parties involved. Our job is to help create an atmosphere where customers are able to have a great time while also ensuring that your property and all involved are protected.
We recognize that in order to maintain exceptional readiness we must consistently continue our training operations. Quarterly training sessions are conducted in order to ensure our skills remain of the highest caliber. Members of local first responder teams such as the Fire Department and the Police force are invited to our training sessions to keep us up to date on the newest laws, safety and emergency procedures. We also incorporate expertise from trained combat specialists who provide advanced training techniques which allow us to gain control in most situations without ever having to resort to overt physical contact.

"Every member of our team, from field Security Hosts to Captains, understands the importance of fulfilling our commitment to our clients, our company and the communities in which we work and live”

Clarence "CC" Carter | Director of Security