Hotel/Hospitality Security:

We make all guests feel welcome, safe, and secure

Hotel/Hospitality Security:

We make all guests feel welcome, safe, and secure


Hotel Security

First Team Security has mastered the art of providing Security Hosts in hotel and hospitality settings. We have made it our business to make hotel guests feel welcome, safe, and secure while encouraging them to adapt to the policies, procedures, and the natural operating culture of each specific location. Although most hotels have installed cameras to monitor their business, there is still a need for an active presence to provide for the safety of guests at all times while they are on the premises. First Team Security can help your hotel maximize the safety of your guests by employing this active security presence.

Our team is sensitive to the lasting effect customer interactions with hotel staff and security can have on your business. For this reason we seek to make certain that each guest has a safe, enjoyable and overwhelmingly positive recollection of the experience. First Team Security is the premier company for professional Security Hosts in hotels and hospitality settings Let us help you enhance the experience of each and every guest you serve by providing excellent security services.

Our hotel security can include the following services:

  • Entrance greeter and facility access control
  • Facility protection and control
  • Maintain security minded customer service
  • Guest and visitor monitoring and assistance
  • Key card access review
  • Security command center monitoring (cameras, alarm systems and surveillance)
  • Control after hours access
  • Assess location and local crime statistics
  • Bolster public and private initiatives
  • Maintain emergency response plan
  • Commitment to ongoing training
  • Special Event security for weddings, conferences and similar events
  • Enforcement of Rules for Guest Rooms
  • Monitoring and mitigating unruly or unwelcome behavior on the property


" I have had the pleasure of working with First Team Security for almost 10 years and in that time I have come to truly appreciate the level of professionalism and service the company provides. With hotel guests paying a premium price at our property we want every interaction with them to be hospitable. Security has a difficult job of enforcing the rules and regulations of our establishment while making the guest feel welcome. First Team Security has perfected this balance flawlessly. We get compliments all the time from our hotel guests regarding how pleased they are with our security staff. I know that when they are on property, I have nothing to worry about. There is no other security company out there as good as them. Period. "

-Shaunna McKelvey  - General Manager | The Shade Hotel

Our Costs

We are completely competitive with the industry standards for the type of service we provide. The total cost of our services can only be determined after specific security needs are evaluated and discussed after a walk through is completed. We believe that we will make a positive difference in every environment. We are careful not to let our cost prevent us from making that difference.

"Our management team consistently delivers expert and customized security services to each client.”

Clarence "CC" Carter | Director of Security