Emergency Preparedness Training:

You can't stop bad things from happening, but you can be prepared when they do!

Active Shooter

Almost daily now there is another breaking news story about an active shooter situation that has just occurred.  From 2000 to 2017 there have been 250 Active shooter incidents, 2, 217 people killed or wounded – 799 killed and 1,418 wounded.  As much as we all wish they were going away, they are not.  We cannot predict where an active shooter will strike next, but we can look to recent events and statistics for indicators.  Active shooter events most commonly occur in businesses (45%), schools (25%), and government facilities (10%).  The question is often asked what should we do about it?  The answer is prepare!  While we never know when or where an active shooter situation will happen, but what we know is that we need to have a plan.  We have put together a complete active shooter training seminar that will teach and prepare your office, establishment, church and school the perpetrator mentality, and the survival mindset to aid in recognizing possible signs of a pending attack. As well as Homeland Security reaction techniques that take the fundamental “Run, Hide, Fight” response to the next level.

Let First Team Security come and guide you through the best course of action based on your actual location.

You can’t stop bad things from happening, but you can be prepared when they do!
What you will learn:
  • What the Department of Homeland Security has instructed about Active Shooters
  • Become more aware of your surroundings
  • Prepare for such an event by reacting proactively
  • Evaluate an active shooter situation more quickly and efficiently
  • Decide and take the best action necessary for your survival
  • How to overtake the Active Shooter, if it's your last resort
  • The correct response when the Police arrive on the scene
  • How to navigate the chaos that comes after the event
  • How to help family, friends, and coworkers in crisis situation
You will also learn how to prepare, address and recover from different emergencies such as Campus Lockdown, Earthquake, Fire and bomb threats.

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