Commercial Construction Security:

Let First Team Security keep your construction site running smoothly

Commercial Construction Security:

Let First Team Security keep your construction site running smoothly

Commercial Construction Security:

Let First Team Security keep your construction site running smoothly


Construction Security

Keeping the public and your team safe from construction hazards is your obvious priority. Let First Team Security guard your site against the other risks that your job entails. First Team Security has secured, monitored, and ensured the safety of multi million dollar construction sites by working closely with the Project Executive and the Project Superintendent to understand the construction and delivery schedules as well as the personnel dynamic of each complex and ever-changing job site.

We understand that the security focus on construction sites is a battle that is fought on two fronts, the first being outside the gates and the second being the site itself. Keeping unauthorized individuals off of the construction site and knowing where authorized individuals are at all times while onsite is necessary to keep a construction site secure. First Team Security helps your site run smoothly by manning the construction site gates, coordinating deliveries, patrolling the perimeter and fulfilling any other needs your site may require in order to function at optimum performance levels. It is unfortunately no secret to any construction site manager that equipment and materials theft accounts for millions of lost revenue every year. First Team Security will help you mitigate this problem by helping you track what should and should not be leaving the site without interfering with job progress.

Let First Team Security keep your construction site running steadily by facilitating an injury and theft free environment on a completely secure site which may ultimately boost your revenue by helping you finish ahead of schedule.


" I was having some security related issues on our  $129 million dollar construction site. First Team Security came recommended so I scheduled a meeting.  Immediately their professionalism, understanding of the technical security related aspects and competitive pricing compelled me to offer them a contract the same day.    

Once they started  on site, the whole energy changed. It was apparent that there was now a respectful attention following the rules and of doing things the right way. Our site became safer, more organized and we had less theft. First Team Security is a class act. I highly recommend them for all of your security related needs. All construction sites in Los Angles would benefit by their approach, their attention to detail and the professionalism they deliver day to day. "

Paul Giovannetti - Construction Project Executive  

Our Costs

We are completely competitive with the industry standards for the type of service we provide. The total cost of our services can only be determined after specific security needs are evaluated and discussed after a walk through is completed. We believe that we will make a positive difference in every environment. We are careful not to let our cost prevent us from making that difference.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, close to a Billion dollars a year is lost nationwide due the theft of construction equipment and tools.

" We provide security and peace of mind that equipment, property and materials are safe and sound."

Clarence "CC" Carter | Director of Security