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Meet Our Founder: Clarence “CC” Carter

It’s common knowledge that our parents are our first teachers. I’m grateful that I had parents who taught me the meaning of dedication and hard work and to always strive for excellence as a young boy growing up in Toledo Ohio. I took those lessons to heart and I earned an athletic scholarship to play football at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was in the summers on Franklin Street that I first began working in security. I quickly learned the importance of staying alert, crowd control and the benefits of effective communication with the public. Few places will require those security skills more then on a college campus with intoxicated young adults. In the summers I was still working security gigs to keep money in my pocket not knowing that this was truly a start to future endeavors. Under the coaching of Mack Brown I earned the respect of teammates and was elected the Team Captain as a Senior defensive back. Although I had some opportunities to pursue a NFL career as a free agent, I chose to complete my Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling to add it to my Bachelor degrees in Speech Communication and Psychology.

Upon graduation I accepted a job with Kraft General Foods at the time but I still found myself being drawn into security by people who could just tell I had security experience. My willingness to continue to work in security at the same time fulfilling my sales and marketing responsibilities allowed me to gain 10 years (We need to add the word years after 10) of security experience in Atlanta, Austin and New York and in many cities in the state of California. For the past 20 years I have been more committed to working security and not just as a side job. It was eleven years ago when several locations where I had provided security began asking me for recommendations when I was not available and First Team Security was born. I made the commitment to them to have smart, in shape, disciplined individuals providing the security in their establishments. As First Team Security began to expand, the opportunities for security experience expanded for me. As my experience grew so did my expertise and so did First Team Security Inc. I, along with my team have provided security for major events, for major companies and executives who needed security with them as they traveled outside the United States. All of my security experience helped me to develop a vision for my company and I’m happy to report that we are moving very nicely towards our goals.

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Clarence Carter | Founder/CEO

"I truly believe that it takes teamwork to make a dream work. "

Clarence "CC" Carter | Founder/CEO